What is the Compassionate Vendor Program?

C.V.P is a product of United Learning Foundation (www.ULFUSA.com); an in-demand consulting firm that provides high quality trainings for all employees that interface with the general public on how to best serve those that live with unseen challenges (disabilities).

The Compassionate Vendor Program is a third-party certification that is officially recognized by the United States federal government. Each institution that chooses to train its employees on how to reach every customer and create a more inclusive, compassionate, and empathetic environment for people of all abilities, as well as meeting all other set criteria, will be certified through the Compassionate Vendor Program. Upon completion of the program only these businesses may proudly display the C.V.P. certification logo as a way to publicly acknowledge their commitment to their community, as well as be listed in this on-line directory.

Certification through the Compassionate Vendor Program is the gold standard in customer service.

What is United Learning Foundation?

What is United Learning Foundation section
U.L.F. is a boutique disability consulting firm created by C.V.P.'s Founder, Tiffany Allen.
As a Disability Subject Matter Expert and a nationally recognized Disability and Other Access and Functional Needs (D/AFN) expert in the emergency management field, Tiffany employs her wealth of knowledge regarding vulnerable populations to assist government agencies and organizations to best serve those that live with challenges.

About the Founder

Founder and CEO, Tiffany A. Allen, created United Learning Foundation (U.L.F.) in an effort to educate and inspire, shifting the energy of this world to a more compassionate and inclusive place for each one of us. Ms. Allen has become a change agent by employing her personal experiences of living life with a physical disability, coupled with her professional expertise in a number of different industries and with a number of different individuals that live with both seen and unseen challenges, as well her education; to create an all-inclusive boutique disability consulting firm focused on solving problems and filling gaps in service.


Master of Science: Homeland Security/San Diego State University
Bachelor of Arts: Political Science/State Diego State University
Minor: Social Work/ San Diego State University
Post Graduate Studies: Cornell University - Employment Disability
Institute Specialization: Person Centered Work