Terms and Conditions

CVP™ Terms and Conditions

  • Purchaser understands that CVP™ logo and concept are property of Tiffany Allen/ CVP™/United Learning Foundation and its affiliates.
  • Purchaser agrees to order official replacement signs, if needed, and will not recreate their own.
  • Purchaser agrees that invoice will be paid in full prior to shipment of order.
  • Purchaser will provide CVP™ the exact name and address of the receiver/ Point of Contact for delivery of shipment.
  • CVP™/Tiffany A. Allen is not responsible for delayed or lost shipments due to misinformation provided.
  • Purchaser guarantees that no sign will be defaced with logos, stickers, graffiti, markings, etc.
  • Purchaser agrees to unobstructed placement of sign above or near every exit door.